camel Trekking

rekking consists to walk on feet in the mountains. Morocco traditional trip organizes trekking in different places such as : Dades gorges, Rose valley, Saghro mountain, M’goune Gorges and Todra Gorges.
During the trekking time you will be accompanied with mules so as to carry the stuffs (tents, blankets, mattresses, kitchen stuff and your personal luggage). The guide and the mule men will help you to discover wonderful landscapes, the life of the berbers who live in the Anti Atlas Mountains, preparing the meals and settling the tents for the night.
Walking will be equivalent to your rhythm for example : 2H morning and idem in the afternoon. Trekking can take from 1 till 10 days and can be organised for one person or several people . Possibility to spend some nights with the inhabitants (berbers) in the mountains to discover their way of living.

camel trek
Camel trek consists to do a trip even on camels back or on feet, depending on your choice, in the desert (M’Hamid desert or Merzouga area). You will be accompanied with other dromedaries to carry the stuffs like : tents, blankets, mattresses, kitchen stuff and your personal luggage. During the whole time of the camel trek you will be accompanied also with guides and camel men on whom you are going to rely to discover the different landscapes (Hamada, erg, reg, oasis), to equip you by worth information about nomadic families life, to enjoy sleeping under the stars and to try a new life with out your usual luxuries. They will prepare you the tents and typical meals as well as the sand bread. The camel trek duration is in the average of : 2H30 morning and idem afternoon. Camel trek can take from 1 till 10 days and can be organized for one person as well as several people.

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