Tours From Fez

This imperial city is the capital of traditional Moroccan culture, a cradle of knowledge, for which it’s amazing madrasa’s are a flamboyant symbol. A madrasa is a school where the Koran is taught along with all the classic subject of learning such as mathematics, grammar, history, astronomy, medicine… In Morocco, and especially in Fez, madrasa’s have the important role of integrating students from other regions. Generally they are built around a central courtyard with a fountain. Classes are held under the sumptuous arcades bordering it. The Karaouiyine mosque is one of the most imposing in Morocco. It houses a university which is thought to be the oldest in the world and which was founded in the middle of the 9th century at a time when theology, grammar and Koranic law were the basic subjects taught. The El-Attarine madrasa situated opposite it, is considered to be the most beautiful in the medina.