Camel Trekking in Merzouga

Our trips in the oasis, intimate contact with the desert

Typical of the Sahara, it is assembled from strips of brown wool and sewn from edge to edge and decorated with geometric motifs. Wooden structure.

Luxury Bivouac

In the same company Oyacha Travel. We organize camel trips to the oasis and sleep in tents that are equipped with beds, sheets, blankets and towels. The toilets and showers are located on the same premises, but in a separate tent. We also offer you the possibility of organizing a bivouac for large groups, for this you only need to contact us and make a reservation.
We have a great infrastructure for the organization of all kinds of bivouacs. If they wish, they can also spend the night outdoors, sleeping under a blanket of stars.

Option De una Noiche

Camel trek in Merzouga and Night in the desert This trip starts at night, we organize the camel ride at night in the desert from our guest house near the sand dunes. The camels will be full of food, blankets and everything we need.
The hike will begin with a 1 hour and 30 minute camel ride into the desert. We will spend the night in a camp equipped with music played on traditional Berber drums in the middle of the Sahara. When we arrived at the camp, we walked towards the high dunes to watch the sunset.
This is a great opportunity to take beautiful sunset and sunrise photos. It will be a magical night, when the sky is clear and the stars shine and shine brightly.
During this night, there will be a wonderful dinner around a campfire, we will listen to the drums and spend the night in nomadic tents. In the morning we will ride the camels back to Merzouga, you will have breakfast and you will shower at the guest house in Merzouga

Contact us for the price

The price includes:

- A room in a guest house where we organize our trips to the desert to leave part of your luggage and shower
- Parking for your car (if necessary)
- Nomadic tents (desert camp)
- Dinner and breakfast
- Camel each (Camel ride for (1:30 min)) - Bottled water Trekking Camel Erg Chebbi (2 nights) Merzouga
- Sahara Desert This trip starts at night, we organize the camel ride to spend the night in the desert from our guest house near the sand dunes.

If this suggested itineraries does not match what you’re looking for, Contact us and we will prepare the trip to your needs and requirements.