Info About Morocco

Info About Morocco


A third of the population of Morocco belongs to the Amazigh ethnic group (Berbers) although throughout its history many are the peoples who have settled in the country: Romans, Arabs, Hebrews, Portuguese, Spanish, French ... This diversity is reflected in the different aspects of Moroccan life such as language, clothing, food and other aspects of its culture. Home and family are a key element in Moroccan culture. In many homes the door is always open and it is customary to be invited to have a tea along with a friendly conversation. Don't be in a hurry and enjoy the hospitality of the Moroccan people in a relaxed way. Tasting Moroccan cuisine is an experience not to be missed. If you are invited to share the food, do it as they do, eating from the common plate and using the right hand. Although most Moroccans do not drink alcohol, you can find it in most hotels and in some local shops. Women should dress respectfully with the customs of the country and this will avoid uncomfortable situations. Moroccan culture is vast, diverse, and very different from Western culture. Take the time to get to know it and enjoy it by talking to the hospitable people who are always ready to help visitors. If you need information about visas and entry conditions to the country, you can consult


The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and Berber. The Berber language is spoken throughout the areas of the country under the influence of this ethnic group. French is the official language for administrative purposes and is spoken by the majority of the population. Few people speak English, but the number of Moroccans who speak it is increasing.


The coldest months of the year are November, December and January. It is during this time of year when you can enjoy the view of the snowy Atlas. In February, temperatures begin to rise although in summer, the heat is bearable due to the moderating influence of the 4,000 meters of the High Atlas, with snow-capped peaks and the altitude of 1,900 meters in the Kasbah area. Check the weather

Currency / Internet

The currency is the Moroccan Dirham. On the Internet you can find websites where you will be informed of the change situation in real time. If you need to use the Internet, most hotels have a connection, although you also have the option of visiting an internet café. The connection speed varies, but is usually quite fast. Internet cafes are open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, although some may close for a few hours on Friday afternoon.